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I’m sitting in a cottage in the woods of New Hampshire, surrounded by women who are knitting and talking and getting to know each other.  We’ve just returned from listening to Elizabeth speak at her opening ceremony for this Fall session of Squam Art Workshops.  I am one of the lucky ones because I arrived at Lake Squam yesterday before everyone else arrived this afternoon.  I’ve had an extra 24 hours to sink into this place, and to allow myself to feel all the emotions that it triggers in me.  As I drove to pick up Camille from Londonderry, New Hampshire, I was conscious that my throat was already tightening with suppressed tears, and I knew that it would only become more intense the closer I came to Squam.  This place, which seemed like a dream before I first came here in June, only becomes more perfect and myth-like the more time I spend here.  In a way, it is confronting because my emotions are so close to the surface all the time that I am here, but I know that it is important that I let those feelings flow through me and emerge in whatever form they chose to do so – usually tears (happy, fearful, joyful, regretful, tender, intensely personal and always poignant).  I am so, so grateful to Elizabeth for creating this space where I know – I know – that not only is it safe for me to feel and cry and laugh, but that I am with my people who will support me and love me as I do so.  In the past day, I have been recognised as a soul sister, and I have met a true kindred spirit.  Even though the workshops haven’t officially started yet, I feel as though I have already found everything I could possibly have wanted from this experience.

Elizabeth’s hope for us as we embark on this Fall session is that we allow ourselves to be open, and alive and awake.  She blessed the session by reading from her journal her hopes for the magic we will find here, and by imploring us to open all the doors to possibility and to the present moment.  To say yes to what it is that we need from this place and this time, and to say no to self-judgment and whatever it is that doesn’t give us ease and peace and love.  I cried as her words touched that deep and secret part of me yet again, and I fell further in love with this place and these people.  I was cracked open by my time here in June, and now in September I feel myself closer again to my surface and yet so much further inward simultaneously.

I am here.  This is only the beginning.  I am saying yes.


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My obsession with Instagram continues, particularly following my recent trip.  A lot of my addiction to snapping quick vignettes of my life is due to my acquisition last Christmas of an iPod touch.  Its portability and accessibility delights me no end, even though my Canon G12 isn’t that bulky to carry around with me.  And yes, I am a Luddite when it comes to phone technology as I am possibly the only person in the southern hemisphere who has not or does not own an iPhone of some variety.

One of the things I love most about “shooting” with my iPod touch is the immediacy of publishing a photo, and the ease of doing so.  I also love that it reminds me constantly to look at my world as creatively as I can, and to remember that there is beauty and wonder in the smallest of things – in front of me and above and around me.

The pub at sunset:

A first floor door to nowhere:

Electric stars in the “Greek Quarter”:

Weathered old buildings:

Look above – it cracks open the world.

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1.  Arty arrangements at my favourite coffee spot.

2.  Cover of a book about my home town – I’m currently reading this book and really enjoying it.

3.  Map of my ‘hood.

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M is also for Em Em Emma – happy birthday for yesterday!  Your home town can’t wait to welcome you back permanently at the end of the year.

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One of the things I love most about my house is the way that the light changes during the day, the different angles it creates, and the changing hues that the light brings out of the walls and ceilings and furniture.  I loved the way the winter sunshine was striking this wall and warming the wooden floorboards.

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I’m talking about the pleasures of single living over at the Baraza today, I hope you’ll join me.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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It’s Friday (yay) and I’m looking forward to spending a quiet weekend at home.  I’m chatting about some of the “joys” of home ownership over at the Baraza today, I hope you’ll jump over and have a read.

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone.

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